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Yo-Landi Vi$$er (Anri du Toit)  Empty Yo-Landi Vi$$er (Anri du Toit)

Post by GOD on 15/03/16, 10:19 pm

Born on December 1st 1984, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa. At a very early age she was given up for adoption by her birth mother. She was adopted by a Christian Minister his wife. Growing up in a Christian home gave Yo-Landi Vi$$er great character and judgement. At an early age (approx 6 yrs old) Yo-Landi Vi$$er began piano lessons, this began her interest in being a artist. At 13 she met Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) At the age of 16 she was sent off to a Art/Boarding school. EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute in Pretoria, South Africa. When She graduated from EMENDY, she moved to Cape Town, SA

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