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Post by GOD on 22/03/16, 12:56 am

I will start it off.

To: Die Antwoord,

Thanks for being awesome people, love the band, keep up the good work. Smile

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To: Die Antwoord Empty Re: To: Die Antwoord

Post by LYD on 28/03/16, 08:18 pm

Die Antwoord,
Please don't stop making Albums after the fifth one is released... Please... ( puppydog pout face on hands and knees groveling )
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To: Die Antwoord Empty Okay, I'll give it a shot too!

Post by ZoniMacabre on 29/07/16, 06:24 pm

Hi Die Antwoord. Thank you for making music that has given Me and my friends confidence in how we live. The world is dark sometimes and we may feel small. But we are all really SOO big! I'm very happy you've stayed true to yourselves throughout your discography. And I hope you continue to keep it Zef so fresh and making people feel like they're perfect they way they are. =) I'll cut it short, but you are all an inspiration, for me, to live how Zoni wants to live. So thanks! Have a great day/week/life! (Ps. I think you might be onto something with "the answer", just look at how many people come together at your shows!)

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